People Presence (Rooms API)

People Presence shows day-to-day conference room usage analytics and lets you find available meeting rooms based on facial recognition and ultrasonic technology.

The room system APIs are part of the next generation of meetings. They allow you to tap into both Spark registered endpoints and on-premise systems (such as the Room Kit or the MX700) to capture presence with ultrasonic technology or facial detection and even control the endpoints.

Cisco People Presence is an example of a real-life enterprise use case for Room APIs. The application allows the employee in France to view available meeting rooms on the fly based on presence rather than schedule – because we all know that a “booked” meeting room is not always occupied! The tool also measures analytics about day to day usage

To use this tool or showcase this great demo, simply navigate to

The code has been made open source for you to implement in your own infra! Available here.

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