The Henree Bot lets you showcase the power of mashing up Cisco Webex Teams APIs with other third-party APIs to create a rich contextual experience in the Teams client. This Automotive demo bot uses APIs from “Here” – the mapping and positioning provider to let the users get directions to various places like Starbucks, the nearest gas station, or an address.

Demo Instructions

Henree, the automotive bot lets users look up information and direction for places around them like the nearest Starbucks or gas station, or even look up incidents information.

This demo serves to showcase potential immersive experiences of Cisco Webex Teams in the Automotive industry.

Note: The bot uses a fixed user’s location on 500 Terry A. Francois Boulevard in San Francisco as the Webex Teams application is not able to dynamically share a user’s location with the bot. However, this could be achieved if this is implemented as a native application using the SDK.

Interact with the bot by messaging it directly on Teams or adding it to an existing space using its Teams address:

Available commands include:

  • @Henree help – get all the information on how to use this bot
  • @Henree nearest [place]   – Type a place you would like to get directions to. For example: ‘@Henree nearest gas station’
  • @Henree incidents    – Get incident and construction information near you.


Built by Sacha Nacar

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