Meraki CMX – Asset Tracker

The Asset Tracker Bot illustrates the power of Cisco’s “Better Together” solution for customers interested in Cisco’s Wireless solutions and its Collaboration suite with a tight cross-architectural demo between Webex Teams and Meraki CMX.

Demo Instructions

This Webex Teams bot shows the power of cross-architectural demos that illustrate Cisco’s “Better Together” message of combining different product types of Cisco’s wide product portfolio to develop rich and tightly integrated experiences. The Asset Tracker Bot leverages Teams and CMX to display assets scattered around a hospital and provides their information and location to a doctor requesting them through Cisco Webex Teams.

  1. Interact with the bot by messaging it directly on Teams or adding it to an existing space using its Teams address:
  2. List the available devices to track using the following command: list users” (for spaces) or simply “list users” (for direct messages to the bot).
  3. The Asset Tracker Bot will return a list of trackable assets.
  4. Request for an asset’s location and information using: “ find asset [INSERT ASSET NAME]” (for spaces) or simply “find asset [INSERT ASSET NAME]” (for direct messages to the bot). For example “find asset scissors”.
  5. The Asset Tracker Bot will return an expandable map with the location and distance to the asset tracked along with information on its location and the last time it was seen online.


Built by Rafael Loureiro De Carvalho

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