Email2Webex Teams Bot

Quickly pivot your conversations from legacy email to a more collaborative environment within Webex Teams.  The Email2Webex Teams Bot will take all the participants in an email thread, and migrate the conversation to Teams!


Demo Instructions

Email has been the go-to communications tool for decades, but we know how unwieldy email threads can become.  When a thread evolves into an ongoing conversation, it’s time to move to a persistent collaboration tool.  That’s where Cisco Webex Teams comes in.  With our open APIs, a service such as the Email2Webex Teams Bot can receive an email, find all the members of that email thread, and migrate the entire email thread into a Teams room.   Now the conversation can really begin!

Interact with email2webex teams via email & the Bot takes care of the rest! To use email2spark:

  1. Find the email thread with the participants you’d like to shift to a new Teams space.
  2. Reply-all to the email thread; in the BCC line, add “” (the ‘To’ & ‘CC’ fields will not work).
  3. The Bot receives your email, creates a Teams space with the ‘Subject’ as the title, then leaves. Anyone not already signed up for Teams receives an email invitation; once registered, they’re automatically added to the space.

Note: As mentioned in #3, this is a great way to invite new users to Teams, however, we advise you to avoid using distribution lists, which could result in unintended & unhappy recipients.

You can also add people to an existing Teams space by including the space’s roomId between square brackets in the ‘Subject’ line (example in screenshots), but only if email2spark is in the space.

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