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Webex Teams is perfect for powerful incident management! This showcases that any incident within the enterprise, from IT outages to exceptions in a business process, can be augmented by using Teams!


Demo Instructions

There is power to bringing alerts into the Webex Teams platform vs email.  When a user receives an alert in email, they are receiving a task.  They must now read, archive, delete, or sort this message – even if the message has no relevance to them!  In Teams, inbound alerts and incidents can be auto-categorized in a persistent Space, where no user interaction is required.  In addition, a Space can be created to group together everyone who needs to address the issue rather than relying on unwieldy email threads.

Follow the steps below to show just how powerful an enterprise context can be when combined with Webex Teams for incident management and alerts.

  1. Start a 1:1 conversation with the incident responder bot (
  2. Familiarize yourself with its functionalities by typing “help”

Let’s create an event:

  1. First, add a Teams user to the event you want to create by typing “Add user” (You can add multiple emails at once.)
  2. Now add a message to be sent to the room once it gets created by typing “Add message ‘Alert in Datacenter #354′”
  3. Now you can start the event from Teams by typing the following command and specifying a title: “Start Event with the title ‘Alert at Datacenter #354 – Support Team'”
  4. You will notice that a space will be created with everyone you’ve added in the new space.

Note: Once you’ve created this event, you can also fire it in different ways in the future. For example, via webhooks, curl commands, or IoT devices. This will also give you the opportunity to automatically trigger a video meeting within the space. In order to do this type “show trigger details” and the bot will return the HTTP Post details and the curl command.

Here is a full list of available features. Keep in mind that this bot uses natural language so you can use variance in language and it will still understand you. You can also type “tell me more.”

  • Add Users/People
  • Remove Users/People
  • List | Show People
  • Add | Update event message ‘My Emergency Message’
  • Show | Get the event message
  • Show | Get HTTP Endpoint | Trigger | IOT Event Trigger Details
  • Start Event | Fire Event | Initiate Event with the title ‘My Event’


Built by Aman Chhabra

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