Web Widget (Web Dialer)

Show your customers how they can embed Webex Teams core voice and video features in their web applications. The Webdialer app is a Cisco Teams Video Client that is embedded into a web browser.

Demo Instructions

This Web Dialer demo is an example of how one of your customers could use the Webex Teams JavaScript SDK to embed Teams voice and video inside of their own applications and websites.

  1. Navigate to the Web Dialer. You will need to authorize an existing Cisco Teams account for it to work properly.
  2. From there go to the Dial tab which allows you to place a Teams call or a SIP Video Call.
  3. Log in with your Teams account
  4. Enter the address you want the widget to dial (eg. roomkit@sparkdemos.com)
  5. Hit “place call”!


You can also create a custom demo to simulate a video call from your customer’s webpage.

  1. Click on “Custom Demo” and enter the URL of your customer’s website (Note: this can take up to a minute to load).
  2. Enter the address you want the widget to dial (eg. roomkit@sparkdemos.com)
  3. Select the video size you would like to show. (25% good for most demos)
  4. You will be prompted to log in to your Teams account and… voila, you will have your very own custom-branded Teams video page.

IMPORTANT: If you choose the Mayday option – there is a drag handle to the left. Do not try to drag the Mayday button as you will end up making a call instead. Lastly – the Mayday button and video containers are separate elements, you must drag them around independently.

Built by Aman Chhabra

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