Project Workplace in VR

The PWP VR application allows you to experience 3 of our workspaces immersively. 

Getting started with Project Workplace in VR:
1. Download the HTC Vive .zip file.
2. Once downloaded, unzip the file to reveal the Unity application titled ‘EnterpriseConnect’.
3. Once prompted with the configuration window, press ‘Play!’ to start the video presentation.
To go back to the first room after the end of the presentation, hit enter (↵) again.
• You can start the presentation in the first room by looking at the touch panel for 3 seconds.
• To move in between rooms, look at the photos available on the table for 3 seconds, which will activate a timer then take you to the next room.
• For admins: It is possible to customize the photo on the wall in each room. In the first room, press Escape, then enter the URL of any image on the internet. Restart the app in order to load the change. Note: the photos must be available without any login.
A few extra VR set-up tips:
The audio is designed to be in tune with the space, so ensure that the headphones are on the appropriate sides.
• Room-size VR is recommended, but standing only is possible as well.
• No need for the HTC Vive controllers
• For best performance, the headset should be placed on in the middle of the defined room space for the VR kit.

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