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Las Vegas, NV, Cisco Live – June 26, 2017 — Today at Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual IT and communications conference, Actiance announced an integration that will provide electronic communications compliance capture for Cisco Webex Teams. This integration enables Cisco Webex Teams customers to capture, control, and archive all Cisco Webex Teams content to fulfill many regulatory, legal, and corporate guidelines for IT, HR, and other aspects of business.

The Actiance Vantage™ solution encompasses full fidelity, near real time capture of Cisco Webex Teams activities in their original context for retention to Cisco customers’ archive of choice. For Actiance Alcatraz® customers the integration will maintain all Cisco Webex Teams telemetry for full fidelity data retention and eDiscovery replay.

“Cisco Webex Teams is among the most secure and reliable cloud collaboration tools used by organizations today,” said Anthony West, Chief Technology Officer, Actiance. “With over a decade of experience in capture, data loss prevention, and active compliance for real-time communications, Actiance supports the needs of its customers who also require communications capture, real-time governance, cloud archival, and context-preserved eDiscovery.”

 Capturing and Archiving Content in Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco continues to lead the collaboration space with a market share of 15 percent as of Q4 2016, according to Synergy Research Group. As communications channels and the regulations mandating their use continue to evolve, it’s imperative that teamwork applications such as Cisco Webex Teams ensure that collaborative content is effectively captured and archived to ensure compliance and eliminate risk in regulated industries.

Actiance Vantage Connector for Cisco Webex Teams will capture all content and communications from Cisco Webex Teams meetings, including but not limited to Cisco Webex Teams space activities, messaging, and shared content. The solution will enable teams across all industries, including financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and energy, to meet regulatory, legal, and corporate requirements.

With the upcoming integrated solution, users will reap the benefits of:

  • Near real-time data capture capabilities across all Cisco Webex Teams content
  • Contextual snapshot technology for data preservation as it happened in Cisco Webex Teams, including modified and deleted content, for a true as-it-happened replay experience
  • Full fidelity, contextual replay of Cisco Webex Teams experiences when Actiance Vantage Connector for Cisco Webex Teams is used with Actiance Alcatraz

Actiance for Cisco Webex Teams is available Q3 2017.

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