Smart Spaces Summit & Hackathon

Welcome! We are looking for the best use case for Smart Spaces that tie into Webex Devices, Meraki & DNA Spaces. Interesting in joining the hackathon? Sign up below.

What is Smart Spaces?

Modern building technology promotes not only the comfort of people in a building, but also creates a more flexible, engaging, collaborative and creative work environment that will have a huge impact on the productivity and well-being of people, while optimizing the use of spaces and energy spending. With Webex Devices as the center and focus of collaboration in spaces, the smart space of the future knows what each individual wants and adjusts automatically to his or her changing needs over the course of the day. New experiences can include wayfinding, automated heating & lighting, personal assistance, etc.  Behind the scenes, many elements need to work together, e.g. sensors, signage, IoT, analytics, management systems and more.

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