Activate Webex for Startups Program

The Cisco Webex Innovation Program provides startups two tiers of startup packages. This program is currently invite only and restricted to Cisco sponsored programs.

Startups can qualify up to the highest tier, which is up to $20,000 in Webex Devices and software credits+.  Current priority is given to startups that build integrations or bots to the Webex ecosystem. Please describe your use case and tell us a little bit about how you intend to use Webex Teams, Devices and Meetings in your organization and what you intend to develop. To qualify for the Webex Advanced Package, you must fill out the Webex Ecosystem Sales Program form first.

Webex Basic Package*

  • Webex Business Package Features
  • No Early Field Trial (EFT) Features
  • No Webex Devices
  • 1 Year of Webex Services
    • Enterprise Edition 200 with TNU Plus Audio

Webex Advanced Package

*Activate Webex for Startups Basic Package terms:

  • Program is currently open only to startups sponsored by a Cisco program
  • Cisco reserves the right to use your company logo in marketing material
  • The Cisco Webex Powered Startup Logo must be placed on your “About Us” page and link back to

+Exact credit eligibility amount varies by the organization through which you apply.